Finding The Best Winning College Basketball Picks

When you look at teams on paper, many match up great, however, when you start to peel away things from an individual player’s perspective you can start to see where a team could prevail or collapse. That’s why college basketball picks are hard to figure out compared to the NBA, there is a lot of different factors to consider. Look for strong defenses to go far and pick your selections based on these things. You’ll know these teams by how they handle themselves losing in the first half, only to come out in the second like a house on fire.

If you watch enough seasonal action, all around the NCAA, you will have a good set of picks by the time the NCAA tournament comes through and your bracket will be pristine.

Every year millions of people place their bets on the big NCAA Basketball tournament that happens annually, and every year there are major upsets and people lose their money when putting faith into the #1 team in the nation. Finding the best winning college basketball picks is daunting, and for some it’s a painstaking task, but for those that look deeper than the stats, real greatness happens. You will often times see a squad full of older players make a lot of noise going into the finals of any major tournament, including NCAA. When you have two evenly matched offensive powerhouses, defense and full court press often times ends up becoming the easiest way to win. Often times the top seeded teams in the country don’t make it past the first few rounds, and while some narrowly escape defeat, all it takes is for one scrappy squad to throw up 3 pointers on a good run, to topple a giant. This is especially true for those that have maxed out their eligibility and will be moving on to either the NBA or a chosen career path based on their degree. Look for this, and then make sure that you compare them to a team where they might have trouble with, and you’ll see green as you pick up the money from placing bets with them. However, savvy gamblers will know that when college basketball picks are in, the upset card is possible. In order not to be surprised, make sure that you look for teams that have been on the bubble for quite sometime and look for them to prevail. If there is a squad that has gone to the finals many times and hasn’t won yet, but have a group of seniors that could tip the scales into their favor, bet on them. Watch out for this, because it will come up and surprise you and the world. You just have to make sure that you’re following a variety of teams and watching the way they react to the ball in winning and losing.

Another great tip is to look for standout seniors. If you can find a good overall defense compared to offensive plays, then you might have reason to believe that they can probably go far, the reason being is that defense wins games when they are so close.

The upset card is pulled in NCAA basketball a lot. . For instance, look for a team’s defensive record against others. It’s the veterans of college that don’t go straight to the NBA that seem to make a serious go at the championship before they leave. Many times, it’s small schools from areas like Spokane, Washington or somewhere in the middle of the country to get into the Final Four and really shake up the college world

20 Best Basketball Blogs for the NBA Fanatic

Perfect for wannabe general managers.

HoopsVibe: HoopsVibe examines “NBA life on the court and beyond.” Here you’ll find out everything from how much money Jordan blew in Vegas to which trade the Nuggets turned down for Carmelo.

Hang Time Blog: Sekou Smith has covered the league for more than a decade and now makes his home on Major website resources in blog form.

Off the Dribble: The national newspaper of record delivers NBA news and updates. Skeets offer analysis and satire from a fan’s perspective on The Basketball Jones daily podcasts. Currently, the blog has an entire section devoted to Iverson in Turkey.

The most anticipated NBA season in recent memory is finally underway. Few NBA blogs offer such comprehensive insight. Here are just a few offbeat contributions from the self-named “Idiot That Runs This Place:” 30 Teams, 30 Haikus, No Point; The Lyric Project, which compiles any NBA-related hip hop lyric; and the NBA Nickname Project, which catalogs the nicknames of past and current NBA players.

Hoops Addict: Hoop Addict’s audio interviews are what sets it apart from other NBA blogs. Howard Beck, Jonathan Abrams and staff have each spent years covering The Association.

Basketball Reference Blog: The site that brings fans every conceivable NBA statistic and record also has a blog that includes analysis, projections, rankings, general “statgeekery” and answers to questions posed by readers.

The Painted Area: Basketball Reference readers who want even more statistical analysis should peruse The Painted Area. Its NBA section includes articles from famous blogger Bethlehem Shoals.

Free Darko: Shoals made his name as the main contributor for Free Darko, which has earned a cult following since its creation in 2005. Recently, author Ryan McNeill has coaxed a new freestyle from Shaq and sat down with Philly’s Doug Collins and Evan Turner.

The Basketball Jones: Tas Melas and J.E. We’ll observe Durant as he continues to blossom into a once-in-a-generation player. His musings on all-things NBA are both informational and entertaining.

NBA Fanhouse: Fanhouse won Editor & Publisher’s 2008 EPpy Award for “Best Sports Blog” and it has continued to grow into one of the internet’s top sites for sports news, information and analysis. Also included are posts on upcoming prospects, international basketball and basketball book reviews.

Hardwood Paroxysm: As a member of the TrueHoop network, Hardwood Paroxysm is recognized as a highly credible blog that’s authored by highly credible writers Matt Moore, Rob Mahoney, Zach Harper, Graydon Gordian, Jared Wade and Noam Schiller.

Ball Don’t Lie: Ball Don’t Lie is updated multiple times per day by former Sports Illustrated writer Kelly Dwyer. He utilizes those abundant resources, as a nice supply of highlight footage is often included with his posts.

InsideHoops: InsideHoops is devoted to college and NBA basketball.

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TrueHoop: Some of ESPN’s best NBA writers contribute to TrueHoop, which features commentary, analysis and tidbits of news relating to each team. We’ll see if Kobe can claim his second three-peat as he attempts to match the feats of his idol Jordan. Basketbawful’s staying power and large following are a result of the witty commentary of Matt McHale — contributor to Deadspin and Bulls blogger — and friends.

Hardcourt Mayhem: Hardcourt Mayhem has been recognized by ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated, reaffirming that the blog’s talented group of writers produce quality content for NBA readers.

BallinEurope: BallinEurope was founded with the mission to “provide a very unique perspective of Basketball in and about Europe.” American and European basketball are inseparably tied due to the amount of European players in the NBA, and ex-and future NBA players in European leagues. Truly a one-of-a-kind blog, it features pop culture references, social commentary and Shoals’ intellectually-rich take on all-things pertaining to the NBA.

Both Teams Played Hard: Both Teams Played Hard is equally as entertaining as a Rasheed Wallace pout session. Its NBA blog features news from team front offices while its rumor page speculates about potential news from team front offices.

The Hoop Doctors: Power rankings, live video chats with NBA stars, podcasts about the latest happenings from around the league and much more can be found on The Hoop Doctors. Founder Henry Abbott is a well-respected journalist who has received praise for his investigations into the infamous William Wesley — also known as “World Wide Wes.”

HoopsHype: HoopsHype provides season previews for each team, interviews, rumors, transaction updates, team payroll information and even a compilation of Twitter accounts from NBA media members. We’ll discover if the Bulls and Knicks really have improved, and if they’re both ready to make significant leaps in the standings. Written material found on the blog comes from new editor Trey Kerby, who previously edited Yahoo Sports’ Ball Don’t Lie.

Basketbawful: It’s the best and the worst of the NBA with a little bit of humor. Here, there’s no prescription needed for your daily dosage of basketball knowledge.

ProBasketballTalk:’s basketball minds gather on ProBasketballTalk to discuss the most recent news and rumors. We’ll know if the trade speculation surrounding Paul and Carmelo has merit. We’ll finally find out how LeBron’s talents will be utilized in South Beach, and if the latest incarnation of the Big Three will live up to the billing. A lot will be happening in 2010-11, so you can’t afford to sit back and rely on stale NBA information from just a couple of major websites and cable channels. There are numerous blogs that will keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know — here are the 20 best.

Folding Lawn Chairs for Big Tall and Fat People

This chair can be found online at numerous retailers.. Some of these chairs are not truly made for big and tall people, but they may or may not work. You can expect this chair to last for 1-3 seasons of heavy use. As a big person we need chairs that are wide, durable, and able to withstand tremendous weights.

Here are some chairs that have been designed for big and tall people that are rated excellent.

A huge chair means you can kick back, relax, and in the case of the king pin chair you can drink a 6 pack.

Camp chairs and lawn style chairs are very convenient. You know when they have to tear down house wall so they can remove the fat guy from his bed? Well in that guys garage you will find the King Kong Camo.

This 350 pound chair is good for larger people who like to have room to wiggle when they sit down. You can easily throw them in the trunk of your car and have a comfortable seat wherever you may end up at. If you can find a place locally to buy a chair then you can try it out and see if it comfortable for you. If there is not a D&B Farm Supply store in your area then take a look at who also sells this chair. This chair is highly rated. This chair is a true design for big and tall people. It is not near as big or fancy as the King Pin Chair, but it is very affordable. This may not be an option for most large people, but the Internet is a vast source of websites that sells chairs for big and tall people.

Having a large chair that is sturdy will save you money because you will not have to replace the chair near as often.  Large chair is also much more comfortable because the arms are not sticking into your ribs.

The King Kong Camo is sold at This chair is much more portable then the King Pin Chair. Finding chairs that are truly designed for heavy people can be hard, if not impossible to find unless you shop online.

The 350 Pound Extra Wide Chair

King Pin Chair

This chair is sold at D&B Supply. You can easily live up to that reputation with this chair as it holds a 6 pack of soda or beer in the arms.  The best price for the Kingpin Chair online is at Amazon.

This Big Boy Camp Chair is the big daddy of all camp chairs. I am 6’3″ and 326 pounds, yet this chair dwarfs me.

You may weigh 300 pounds, but you need a chair that is rated for more weight than that. You will not have an arm digging into your ribs as you roast marshmallows over the fire. For us big, tall, and fat people there is not much of a selection at our local stores. If you have room to take this bad boy chair camping then you will be sitting in the lap of luxury.

The King Kong Camo chair is sturdy and will not collapse under the weight of a heavy person. This chair is marketed under different names by many online retailers. If you are fat, and your spouse is fat, then she can sit on your lap while you are in this chair. The safety of these chairs means that you do not have to worry about it collapsing in you and then having a sharp rock or stick poke you in your bum bum.

There are numerous chairs designed for big and tall people. When you initially “plop” down into your chair you exert much more than your body weight on the chair. As much as I like the King Pin Chair, the King Kong Camo is my choice of chair simply because it is more portable and able to fit into the trunk of a car.

have a reputation of being lazy. Many people will buy their portable folding lawn chairs at stores such as Wal-Mart.

King Kong Camo

Many people will buy cheap and inexpensive chairs that may or may not last for an entire summer. It is a foldable chair, yet it may not fit into the trunk of your car. Not one or two cup holders but 6! With 6 cold drinks in the arms you can sit around the camp fire for hours without ever having to get up to replace your empty drink: That is if your bladder can make it that long.

If the King Pin Chair is too much chair for you then consider a cheaper alternative such as the 350 pound Extra Wide Camp Chair.

Buying your folding lawn chairs from a store such as Wal-Mart is a pretty good idea, unless you weight a lot. That’s me in the picture. Once they splurge and buy a chair designed for their big and tall status, they rarely go back to cheap lawn chairs