A Dream Fight Card For Ufc 100

Firstly, Rampage reportedly turned down a crack at Evans because he didn’t feel ready, opting to fight Keith Jardine at UFC 96 instead. But are we also looking past it a little bit? Maybe. This could be a classic — not if, but when it happens. Are we pumped for UFC 95 betting? Of course. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs Rashad Evans (light heavyweight championship)

Randy Couture vs Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira

What a sendoff it would be for two of the greatest heavyweights ever to walk the Earth! Both legends looked like shadows of their former selves in losing their respective interim championship fights to Lesnar and Mir. Considering his dominance of the lightweight division, BJ would be the online betting favorite, but I wouldn’t count out Florian one bit. No GSP/Silva yet. Anderson Silva has to defend his title at UFC 97 and Thiago “Pit bull” Alves has earned his welterweight title shot against St-Pierre. He’s improved dramatically over the last year or two and his boxing is off the charts now. Also, Evans would probably have to defend against the undefeated Lyoto Machida before facing m88 bet Rampage…so the stars would have to align beautifully in the next few months for a Rampage/Evans bout to happen.. Wouldn’t everyone – Couture, Nogueira, fight fans, Dana White – want to say goodbye in style? This would be an epic, emotional clash between two of the smartest, most accomplished fighters in MMA betting history.

Sorry, MMA betting maniacs. Mir got the better of a very green Lesnar in February of ’08 but the freakishly athletic, freakishly massive Lesnar has improved exponentially since then and pummeled the immortal Randy Couture into oblivion at UFC 91. White, please! No title at stake here, but I seriously think a Griffin/Franklin bout would go down as one of the greatest fights in UFC betting history.

If you’re a UFC betting fan, you know how well Dana White and company work the hype machine. Mir looked phenomenal in his last fight too (against Minotauro Nogueira), so this tilt would be hotly contested at the sportsbook.

Georges St-Pierre vs Thiago Alves (welterweight championship)

Kenny Florian vs BJ Penn (lightweight championship)

This one obviously ain’t set in stone. Aren’t you therefore pretty damn curious about what’s in store for UFC 100? White already blew the roof off with UFC 91, 92 and 94. Keep in mind that anyone fighting in upcoming events may be hard pressed to be ready for this one (hence the absence of Anderson Silva from this fantasy fight card).

You know the two behemoths are on a collision course and Dana hasn’t picked a date yet for the rematch. How will he top them for the centennial celebration? We’d suppose he could bring in lasers and fireworks or execute Mike Goldberg on air. Jardine is an awkward matchup for the counter-puncher Rampage, so he’s no lock to win. The hammer-fisted Alves would be a sneakily scary matchup for GSP, who has been caught in the past…though Alves looked ready to soil himself when he spoke with GSP in the octagon at UFC 94.

Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir (heavyweight championship)

Assuming Penn’s skull de-tenderizes in time after GSP ate his soul in UFC 94, the 100th UFC would be the perfect opportunity for BJ to fight the hungry Florian. Not to take away from the Sanchez vs Stevenson line but, let’s face it, the card isn’t bursting with MMA legends. But you get the point – these two fan-favorites would stand up and slug each other for three straight thrilling rounds.

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Here are a handful of fights I’d like to bet on at the sportsbook come UFC 100. It would be like Griffin/Bonnar on steroids! I mean, uh, not on steroids…sorry, Stephan.

Forrest Griffin vs Rich Franklin

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The UFC 95 odds are just two days away. But my gut tells me White will go the nobler route and simply build the greatest single fight card online betting fans have ever seen.

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