Irina Shayk sizzles in saucy shoot for Esquire

I think of myself as a cover girl but I would never do some kind of cheesy magazine.

Irina Shayk photoshoot for EsquireIrina Shayk photoshoot for Esquire cover

Meanwhile, when asked about the opposite sex, she added: Different things about men appeal to me. Playboy offered me so much money last year. way.’ . I was like: No. I love a sense of humour.

Read the full Irina Shayk interview in the February issue of Esquire, on sale tomorrow.

IRINA Shayk shows exactly why shes hot property as a model in a series of sizzling lingerie shots.

Shes a Russian coal miners daughter who moved to New York to become one of todays most in demand models. “All right, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer did it, but they did it at the end of their career and it was classy. When I see a man on the street, I look at the shoes and the hands.

“I love it when a man wears some good shoes! Or when theyre very cute or smart. Now football ace Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend proves shes Gods gift to the lingerie business by sizzling on the cover of Esquires February issue.

But this is as much as you are likely to see of the stunning 25 year old, as she says shed never reveal more in a magazine.

She said: I would never do Playboy. Yes, I am a lingerie model, but I have class

Getting to grips with the latest Xbox One steering wheels

Included are pedal extensions and stiffer springs for the accelerator, and the unit is extremely adjustable. However, you can change the amount of steering required via in-game preferences, and the G920 obeys.

Fanatec has duplicated all the Xbox One control buttons on top of the wheel hub as well as on the wheel face.

Jonathan M Gitlin

There’s also Fanatec’s nifty ABS feature. The pedals have good action and the brake in particular is the best we’ve experienced at this price point (under $400), requiring a hefty shove to get 100% braking pressure in Forza 6.

The wheel rim is also well-designed and feels like a quality piece of hardware. When the Xbox One launched a little under two years ago, Microsoft decided to move do a different protocol for peripherals. Lets take a look at them.

Xbox One-compatible steering wheels are a bit like buses. That meant that no existing steering wheels would work with the console, despite the fact that Forza Motorsport 5 was a much-heralded launch title. Fanatec decided not to go for Xbox One licensing with their cheaper wheels, but they have done so for the top of the line Clubsport wheel platform. Unlike every other pedal set, Fanatec use an adjustable load cell (now tweaked by twisting that red cylinder, instead of a little dial as found on previous models). Despite this, it’s easy to be precise with the wheel, and if anything the lower amount of force required makes it a little less tiring at the end of a multi-hour racing session. We’re not sure if this was bad luck or user error on our part, but the experience was much less painless than we expected, especially for console hardware.

The Logitech G920.

Logitech’s pedals.

The optional stick shift for the Logitech wheel.

Jonathan M Gitlin


Back in the days of the Xbox 360, Fanatec (from the German company Endor) was king of the hill. $500 was pricey, but you got a wheel that worked with everything–Xbox, PS3, and PC. All in all, a very adjustable set up.

Listing image by Elle Cayabyab Gitlin

The red thing on the brake pedal is to adjust the amount of pressure needed to activate the load cell.

The back of the Xbox One universal wheel hub.

Jonathan M Gitlin

Unfortunately, the Fanatec setup is much less user friendly than any of the cheaper wheels we’ve tested, including the company’s previous offerings. In all, we spent almost five hours setting everything up and then troubleshooting several different issues, from the brake registering pressure even when nothing was touching it, to the wheel being stuck in calibration mode. The wheel defaults to 900? of rotation lock-to-lock, but unlike the Thrustmaster TX there does not appear to be a way of altering this on the wheel itself. A clear plastic window on top of the wheel base even lets you see the innards in action. You’ll also be able to use the wheel with a PS3 and PS4 as well as the Xbox One, PC, and (we think) the Xbox 360. The rim is wrapped in perforated leather, with aluminum spokes and aluminum paddle shifters mounted behind. The wheel is quiet in use, and cooling seems like it won’t be a problem with a large fan on the back of the wheel base.

Getting to grips with the latest Xbox One steering wheels | Ars Technica

Jonathan M Gitlin

The Clubsport pedals are the third version of the ones I bought back in 2009. This isn’t really antilock braking; rather, there’s a small motor behind the pedal, and you can tell the unit (via the wheel) to set a threshold, at which point the pedal will vibrate. The Logitech has better pedals, and requires less time in the gym. The top of the hub duplicates all these buttons, and also features an LED display (for configuring different profiles). Everyone can mash the throttle out of a corner, but finesse on the brakes is where you can make a difference over your rivals.


We’ll start with Logitech’s G920, if for no other reason than it arrived first. Plug it in to the back of the console via USB and away you go. However, the TX does allow for more user configurability, and we’re definitely going to miss its auto-clutch feature.

The Logitech G920.

Jonathan M Gitlin

Logitech won many fans with its G25 and G27 racing wheels, and the G920 (and its sister, the PS4-compatible G29) directly follow this lineage. The action of the pedals is good; not too soft, and the brake pedal reacts in a non-linear fashion to inputs.

There’s also an optional gear shifter ($59.99), moulded out of the same plastic as the wheel base. The rim we’ve been testing is a nice leather-wrapped affair that wouldn’t be out of place in our racing car, and the hub features all the Xbox control buttons on five stalks, the positions of which can be adjusted. It is an extremely useful function, since good braking is one of–or maybe the most–important aspects of setting good lap times. But the real highlight is the brake pedal. Both will work with PCs as well as the Xbox One, but neither (we think) will work with a PS4.

Happily for me, the holes are in the right place to allow it to be mounted to a Fanatec Clubsport wheel stand. The base is made from hard plastic, and the pedals have hard-wearing metal faces. One thing is certain though; there’s never been a better time for steering wheels on the Xbox One.

Thrustmaster was first out of the gate, followed by Mad Catz, both of which we’ve reviewed in the past. The wheel’s base is compact and elegant. There is much to like about the G920. The other Xbox controls are on the spokes themselves, with the Xbox button and a bright white LED on the vertical. Now they look like they belong to Darth Vader, with black anodized aluminum with red hex screws. It’s also very heavy, almost 18 pounds (8.14kg). There’s even the option of using Fanatec Clubsport pedals with Thrustmaster’s wheels, via a neat little adapter from Basherboards, although you might have to wait a month or two (or longer) for it to be delivered. The ports to connect the power, pedals, and optional gear shifter are on the underside, but thoughtfully there are channels for routing the wires out the back.

Fanatec’s Clubsport pedals.–fit for Darth Vader?

Jonathan M Gitlin

This looks and feels like the sort of removable steering wheel used in actual racing cars.

Jonathan M Gitlin

If money is no object, then treat yourself and buy a complete Fanatec set up. That is a lot of cash–maybe even more than my comrade Lee Hutchinson spends on his spacecraft controls. With Forza 6 set to 100 vibration and feedback and the wheel set to respect Forza’s settings–these can be overridden–it’s an extremely precise controller but requires similar effort to turn the wheel as the G920. In the box you get a steering wheel and a pedal set with all three pedals, which immediately sets Logitech apart from its rivals, Thrustmaster and Mad Catz, both of whom only include an accelerator and brake pedal as standard (given the big price jump from these wheels to the Fanatec setup we don’t think they’re direct competitors anymore).. Nothing for ages, then all of a sudden several turn up at once. However, it won’t be cheap. Things are much better now for console racers.

In the end, we discovered that the secret to making everything work properly was to remove the wheel hub from the base and reattach it, something we’ve since had to do on several occasions when bits started misbehaving. Both the wheel base and the pedals will need to be updated.

The Logitech’s pedals certainly stand out compared to its rivals. You attach the wheel hub to the base with the same kind of quick-release fitting found in many racing cars, and the rim is easily removed and replaced on the hub via six hex screws. The paddle shifters for changing gear are large and have a positive if very light action, but the box also includes some smaller ones in case you prefer that. Above the spokes are a D-pad (to the left) and the A/B/X/Y buttons (right). Now, in time for the arrival of Forza Motorsport 6, Logitech and Fanatec both have Xbox One-compatible wheels on the market (both will also work with PCs, and the Fanatec with the PS3 and PS4). Then you need the Xbox One-compatible wheel hub ($399.90), and finally the Clubsport V3 pedals ($299.99). The force feedback and vibration through the rim is good, but not as powerful as the Thrustmaster TX. Just be ready for a bit of work on the set up side of things (but since this is Ars Technica and you’re reading us, you’re probably a level 50 techie so it won’t be a problem). The first thing you’ll need to do is install the latest firmware, so have a PC standing by–we recommend a laptop since there’s a lot of weight to be moving around if you have to shuttle them from desktop to Xbox and back again. So, if you set it to 90 percent, it will give you haptic feedback once you’re depressing it to that degree, so you know when to back off the brakes to stop the wheels locking. At the front on either side are a pair of clamps to allow you to attach it to a desk, and the base also has threaded holes so you can screw it down to a desk, cockpit, or wheel stand.

Which one should I buy?

Picking the right wheel for your needs may be tricky. First you need the Clubsport Wheel Base V2 ($599.95). The shifter has a decent physical action, and the unit also includes a plastic clamp for attaching it to your set up. All in all, it’s not much of a difference from $1,300, which is enough to buy a Thrustmaster TX, a Logitech G920, and a Mad Catz wheel, with quite a lot of change left over.

Under the skin you’ll find dual force feedback motors driving helical gearing, coupled to a Hall-effect steering sensor. It also doesn’t look like a 7/8th scale Ferrari 458 wheel, which is going to be important for some people. The clutch and accelerator pedals use Hall-effect sensors and now have 4 times the resolution of the older V2 Clubsport pedals, according to Fanatec. You do get a lot of hardware for your money though. If you’re on a normal budget, either Thrustmaster’s TX ($300) or Logitech’s G920 ($400) are good options. It’s an OK unit, but feels (and is) cheaper than the extremely solid metal TH8A shifter that Thrustmaster will sell you.

Although the G920 is more expensive right now than the TX (which can be had for under $300), we think Logitech’s superior reliability is worth the extra cost–our test TX died this week after a little more than a year, and the Internet is replete with complaints about Thrustmaster’s reliability. The Clubsport pedals’ brake in particular is so much better than anything else on the market. And what a wheel it was, with a huge amount of configurability, including the ability to remember five different setting profiles. The action of the shift levers is positive and they don’t feel at all flimsy.

Once those problems were out of the way and we could get racing, we became firm fans of the Fanatec (try saying that 10 times). We were not massive fans of the stock pedals included with either Thrustmaster or Mad Catz offerings, but these are quite good. Everything is constructed out of anodized aluminum and feels solid. Logitech also paid attention to cable management. The wheel base is drilled so you can mount it to a stand, and all the ports (for connecting power, the pedals, optional shifters and handbrakes, and USB to the console) are mounted at the back, making them easy to access.

Fanatec’s mighty Clubsport wheel.

Jonathan M Gitlin

Using the G920 with the Xbox One is painless. That was a little surprising coming from the Thrustmaster TX which requires bigger biceps, but as with the Logitech it does mean you can play for longer before fatigue sets in. The Thrustmaster is cheaper and more configurable, but comes with a bit of a question mark over its reliability. This can be set so that you’ll need 200 pounds (90kg) of pressure to register maximum braking, but wind the pedal back and you can brake with much less effort.

The wheel hub removed from the servo.

Jonathan M Gitlin

It uses belt-drives instead of helical gears to turn the wheel, and the ubiquitous Hall-effect sensors. In this regard, the G920 has an advantage over Thrustmaster’s TX and Mad Catz’s wheels

Envirodyne Urges Shareholders to Reject Zapata Director Slate; Outlines Malcolm Glazer History Of Using Control For Personal Gain

(a Glazer-controlled restaurant operator) agreed to pay $10 million for the right to advertise its name in Tampa Stadium, where the Glazer-owned Tampa Bay Buccaneers play. However, Houlihan’s has only two restaurants in Florida — neither of which is in Tampa! According to a December 1995 article in the St. We can only surmise that Mr. Glazer and that he has often used company-related transactions for his personal gain.

In February 1997, Michael Heisley offered to buy the Zapata shares at a higher price that would benefit all stockholders. Your Board of Directors recommends that you vote FOR the five Envirodyne nominees and AGAINST Zapata’s proposal to eliminate the Stockholder Rights Plan. If you already have signed a blue proxy card, you may revoke that proxy card by signing, dating and returning the enclosed WHITE proxy card.

Very truly yours, F. Envirodyne’s cash flow continues to grow, debt is being paid down as scheduled and Viskase Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, was recently awarded $102 million in damages in a patent infringement suit! Your board is surprised by Mr. The more you know about Mr. Glazer, the clearer it becomes that Mr. Glazer announced that he planned to tender approximately one-third of his position, which would have resulted in his receiving up to $13.5 million. Glazer to get cash for his Envirodyne shares and still retain control over them through his control of Zapata.

MS-BG — CLTH035 — 9526 05/01/97 13:45 EDT

We urge you to sign, date and return the enclosed WHITE Envirodyne proxy card. Zapata is led by Malcolm Glazer, its Chairman and largest stockholder, who wants control of Envirodyne without paying a fair control premium to all our stockholders. This is simply another tactic by Zapata to make it easier to acquire control of the Company without paying a fair price to all stockholders. Zapata is looking to take control of Envirodyne. ST: Illinois IN: FOD SU:

Your vote is necessary to ensure that Envirodyne remains an independent company and does not fall under the control of Zapata and Mr. Glazer and his interests.

The Real Reasons Mr. The Court enjoined the merger and as a result, Zapata abandoned the acquisition in October 1996.

Zapata Attempts A Share Buy-Back

Then last December, Zapata announced plans to buy back up to 50% of its outstanding stock at $4.50 per share. Holt said: “The entry into food services_was predicated not upon the identification of a more attractive industry segment than energy services, but upon the make-up of Mr. Edward Gustafson, chairman of the board, presidentand chief executive officer:

Dear Fellow Stockholder:

According to an October 7, 1996 Business Week article entitled ”Is Zapata the Glazers’ Toy?”, Mr. He has never proposed a different strategic goal or direction.

Zapata has also indicated that it intends to introduce a proposal to eliminate the Company’s Stockholder Rights Plan at the Annual Meeting. Petersburg Times, the money will be paid to a partnership run by Glazer and his sons.

A Zapata Director Sues the Glazers and Zapata

In November 1995, Peter Holt resigned from the Zapata board in a disagreement over Zapata’s strategy to depart from energy services and enter into the food service business. Glazer knows a good thing when he sees it. Donovan, 630-575-2400, all of Envirodyne Industries, Inc./

Zapata Attempts to Purchase Glazer-Controlled Houlihan’s for$80 Million

In June 1996, Zapata and Houlihan’s entered into a merger agreement that called for Zapata to purchase Houlihan’s for $80 million – a 30% premium over the pre-deal share price. Edward Gustafson Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

Envirodyne has major interests in food packaging and the food supplies industry, operating through three subsidiaries — Viskase Corporation, Clear Shield National, Inc. By the following July 1994 Malcolm Glazer had been named Chairman of Zapata’s board, and in August of 1994, he was elected president and CEO. The payment was in the form of a promissory note bearing interest at the prime rate and maturing in August 1997; Zapata has since prepaid the promissory note.

This transaction has enabled Mr. The company recently reported operating income of $39.7 million for the year ended December 26, 1996 on net sales of $651.4 million. Glazer’s recent actions because he has clearly stated that he is in full agreement with the direction management is taking the Company. Soon after, according to the article, Mr. Mr. In August 1995, Zapata paid the $18.8 million to a Glazer- controlled trust for such shares. We urge you to vote AGAINST Zapata’s proposal. Enclosed is a supplement to our Proxy Statement describing in more detail the Zapata proposal and the reasons we oppose it.

Malcolm Glazer’s Approach

We believe that Mr. Glazer’s investment portfolio, apparently the only source of candidates which are regarded, by those responsible for the new strategy, as suitable acquisitions by Zapata.” Mr. Schuster or Gordon S. Glazer, a 73% owner of Houlihan’s, stood to make $58.6 million on this transaction. Glazer operates - solely for his benefit. Glazer. Glazer’s activities follow a pattern ofacquiring control of companies without actually buying the company andthen using that control for his personal gain.

At Zapata, Mr. and Sandusky Plastics, Inc. Glazer wanted both his money and the ability to continue to control Zapata through his tightly-controlled Zapata board.

Don’t Let Envirodyne Fall Under the Control of Zapata and Mr. We urge you not to sign or return any blue proxy card.

OAK BROOK, Ill., May 1 /PRNewswire/ — Envirodyne Industries,Inc. His son, Avram succeeded him as president and CEO in March 1995.

Transactions Involving Glazer-Controlled Companies

Since early 1995 a series of questionable transactions between Zapata and companies in which Glazer has an interest has prompted lawsuits by stockholders and a former Zapata director.

SOURCE Envirodyne Industries, Inc.

-0- 05/01/97

/CONTACT: Roy Wiley, Media, 312-255-3035, or Stephen M. The company’s annual meeting of stockholders is scheduled for May 16 in Chicago.

Glazer-Controlled Zapata Pays $18.8 Million For Glazer’s Envirodyne Shares

I wanted to remind you that the Company’s Annual Meeting is set to take place on May 16, 1997 and to encourage you to sign and return the enclosed WHITE proxy card even if you have already done so. Additionally, I wanted to acquaint you with Malcolm Glazer’s history of taking control of companies and then engaging in self-serving transactions at the expense of other stockholders.

These transactions illustrate the way Mr. Glazer that we have a fiduciary responsibility to represent the interests of all stockholders, not just Mr. Glazer and his son, Avram gained two seats on the board in July 1993. Your Board of Directors and I would like to point out to Mr. Glazer made a deal to sell his holdings in Envirodyne to an investment banking firm, but the deal collapsed in February 1995. Mr. Stockholders of Zapata sued to block the purchase. In his resignation letter, Mr. Glazer

Zapata Corporation may soon be sending you proxy materials along with a blue proxy card. If Mr. Glazer’s proportional holdings in Zapata. The Glazer-controlled Zapata board rejected the offer and withdrew its buy-back offer. Glazer wants what is best for Mr. A lawsuit was filed by a stockholder in January 1997 to block the buy-back.

CO: Envirodyne Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: EDYN) Thursday released the following text of a letter tostockholders by F. Glazer wants control of Envirodyne, he should make a bona fide offer that is fair to all stockholders.


Glazer-Controlled Houlihan’s Pays $10 Million to Advertise In Tampa


In October 1995, Houlihan’s Restaurant Group, Inc. In addition, the buyback would have increased Mr. We urge you not to sign any blue proxy cards. Holt subsequently sued Zapata, Malcolm Glazer and Avram Glazer. . Glazer found another buyer for his shares — Zapata. Glazer Wants Envirodyne


Top 10 Stars of Copa America 2011

He is also known for scoring 26 league goals in Italy. Moreover Neymar is also considered the future of Selecao in World Cup 2014″ width=”480″ height=”319″ />

Dani Alves (Brazil)

Dani Alves is one of the best attacking right defender at the present time. Coach Sergio Batista gave the right decision when adding Tevez in the list of players joining the 2011 Copa America because Carlos Tevez is the Goal scorer in the 2010/11 Premier League.

24-year-old Arturo Vidal is a Chilean footballer who plays for Bayer Leverkusen and the Chilean national team as Defensive midfielder. Although he has not been displaying his club form for the national side, surely he will make something change by winning a Copa America medal this time. With what showed off, the Barca defender deserves the main player in this Copa America” width=”480″ height=”424″ />

Robinho had a rediscovery of himself last season with the Serie A title in AC Milan after a string of dull days in Manchester city. The goal of Leo Messi coincides with that of Argentina is to reach the Championship. It is necessary to emphasize that Robinho will serve as a strong helper for Brazil in the 2011 Copa America.. There is no better opportunity to realize their championship dream.

Arturo Vidal (Chile)

24 years old Arturo Vidal is a Chilean footballer who plays for Bayer Leverkusen and the Chilean national team as Defensive midfielder. Radamel Falcao is the greatest hope of Colombia in Copa America 2011

Carlos Tevez (Argentina)

<img src=

Antonio Valencia (Ecuador)

Robinho (Brazil)

Copa America 2011 will be the playground forAlexis Sanchez striker

Whether the team of Reinaldo Rueda possibly passes the first round Copa America this year or not depends much on Valencia manner

He is considered one of the best forwards in the world, having passed Jrgen Klinsmann’s record of 15 goals in a single UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League campaign. Here is the list of top 10 stars of Copa America 2011 including Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez and Robinho.

Carlos Tevez landed in top 10 greatest stars in Copa America 2011

Whether the team of Reinaldo Rueda possibly passes the first round Copa America this year or not depends much on Valencias manner

24-year-old Uruguay striker broke out in last season with a total of 33 goals on all matches, in which more than 26 goals in Serie A. Robinho is not the first choice striker in the Milan but he plays a key role in Massimiliano Allegris plans. In this season, the competition is organized by Conmebol, South America's football governing body, and is being held in Argentina from July 1 to July 24, 2011. Radamel Falcao is the greatest hope of Colombia in Copa America 2011

Robinho is said to be well prepared for the 2011 Copa America a tournament in which he is expected to shine

Carlos Tevez scored 20 goals and played an important role for Manchester City in getting the crucial Champions League spot and keeping the prestigious FA cup. The most famous footballer on the planet had a fabulous season with Barcelona scoring over 50 goals. Arturo Vidal is also one of the top stars in Copa America 2011

Copa America 2011 is a good chance for Lionel Messi showing his abilities and there is no better chance for Argentina to lead into the Copa America

Copa America 2011 will be the playground for 22-year-old Alexis Sanchez striker once again demonstrates why he has attracted big teams including Barca, Manchester City, and Manchester United

Radamel Falcao (Colombia)

Robinho is said to be well prepared for the 2011 Copa America  a tournament in which he is expected to shine

Alexis Sanchez (Chile)

Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Top Ten Greatest Footballers in 2010

Carlos Tevez landed in top 10 famous stars in Copa America 2011

Top 10 Copa America 2011 Stars: Alexis Sanchez

24-year-old Uruguay striker broke out last season with a total of 33 goals on all matches, in which more than 26 goals in Serie A. Moreover, Neymar is also considered as the future of Selecao in World Cup 2014

Edison Cavani (Uruguay)

Neymar (Brazil)

Brazil offers a great expectation on Neymar in Copa America. This shows how Edison Cavani is excellent

Copa America 2011 is a good chance for Lionel Messi showing his abilities and there is no better chance for Argentina to lead into the Copa America

Football Tournament Is The Biggest Football Event

Brazil offers a great expectation on Neymar in Copa America. He is also known for scoring 26 league goals in Italy

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Best Footballers of all Times

Copa America is the main international football tournament for national teams in South America. With what showed off, the Barca defender deserves the main player in this Copa America

Leo Messi is not only the most notable star of Copa America but also the brightest star in football.

He is considered one of the best forwards in the world, having passed Jrgen Klinsmann's record of 15 goals in a single UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League campaign. It is added that Argentina has not touched the title during 18 years and Copa America 2011 held at the home of the Tango team

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Xavier Suarez TV ad campaign smells like a mayoral race

I have introduced a resolution to do exactly what voters approved without increasing the millage rate.

Last week, it was transportation and the fact that Gimenez uses funds from the Peoples Transportation Trust bond to subsidize transit operating expenses. It is clear from the mayors budget that I have not been successful in making great improvements in the way business is done here.

Well, theres a word that is going to be part of any X mayoral campaign: Bureaucrat. Suarez did it already in the debut TV ad about transportation dollars.

It costs about $8 million to do what the voters approved in 2012, less than the increase in benefits that the mayor wants to give to 1,000 employees who report to him, Suarez said in the TV spot.

It is true that my level of frustration is close to the breaking point, Suarez told me. The other logical inference if I do not run is what will I do with the PAC money?

X wants the mayor to stop using the Peoples Transportation Plan half-penny sales tax money to pay bus drivers and keep the transit department afloat. For three years the mayor has refused to fund the voter-approved program, Suarez said in his ad. 10 and the end of the year.

Looking ever more like a would-be mayoral candidate, Miami-Dade Commissioner Xavier Suarez released the Xavier Suarez TV adsecond TV video ad this week in which he attacks Mayor Carlos Gimenez on a number of issues.

It is clear that for four years, Ive been trying to change business as usual here, Suarez said. In fact, he wants the mayor to refund the money back to the PTP for use in rapid transit solutions, including the four new lines of Metrorail expansion that he has proposed and have been backed by a Miami Herald editorial.

Does that bring me to the conclusion that being one of 13 legislators is not the way to reform our county government?

Otherwise, why else would he be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars from his Imagine Miami PAC for this blitz? To help Miami-Dade School Board Member Raquel Regalado in her bid to unseat Gimenez?

His resolution died in committee last month, but he told Ladra that he can bring the issue back up again during in the budget process.

He also thinks that the budget could accommodate the desires of 483,000 voters who overwhelmingly approved the Pets Trust initiative, which calls for increased funding to lower the number of animals killed in Miami-Dade with massive spay and neutering vis-a-vis low cost neighborhood clinics.. We dont have the same priorities, he added, referring to Gimenez.

Read related story: Xavier Suarez petition, barbs keep him in mayoral mix

Next week, we can look for ads that will blast Gimenez on the $9 million gift to the private Skyrise development. This week, its the Pets Trust and the fact that the mayor has ignored a mandate from nearly 500,000 voters to fully fund an aggressive spay and neutering program in order to reach a no-kill status.

Timed more for budget season than for the mayoral campaign, the ads are still the surest sign yet that Suarez who has been on the fence about a mayoral challenge in 2016 is leaning toward giving Gimenez a run for his money.

Nah. While I may have once thought that Commissioner Mayor Sir Suarez might concede his own political ambitions for those of his son, Im not certain that is the case any more. Ladraxavraqgim has come a full 180 degrees to say that X is running for county mayor next year, making it at least a three-way race. He sees the writing on the wall that says Gimenezs support is neither deep nor wide. Because painting Gimenez as a professional bureaucrat who protects other bureaucrats is easy. And, en espanol, there is already two: A translation of the transportation ad and one that calls Gimenez out on his failure to hire police officers in a department that is facing a shortfall of between 350-600 officers.

Read related story: Carlos Gimenez keeps rejecting voter-approved Pets Trust

Read related story: Miami-Dade Pets Trust back at county with a new chance

See? This sounds like the groundwork for a mayoral campaign.

Im a reformer, Suarez told me, reminding me of his plan in 2011 to go down to 10 departments with 10 billing codes each instead of the 33,000 billing codes we have now which both he and I are certain exist solely so that nobody understands the budget and they can hide money in drawers to find later.

Um, I dunno, keep it? You know, for your own re-election bid? Or to help your block chip, Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez, become the mayor of that city some day?

And Political Cortadito got a cameo! Its thrilling to see our littleSuarez TV ad Ladra on the silver screen.

Lets send a clear message to Mayor Gimenez: the peoples transportation plan is for the people, not the bureaucrats.

And its even in Spanish, where the commissioner says the message to Gimenez should be that we need more police officers, not more bureaucrats.

Maybe to get the mayor and some of my colleagues to rethink things, Suarez told Ladra, staying non committal. This is just a smart and stealth way to attack the incumbent as a frustrated elected legislator, almost a colleague or equal, rather than as an early-and-often oppositionist (read: Regalado).

Send a message to Mayor Gimenez: Save the pets and stop funding the bureaucrats.

He never answered his own prophetic question, but he said he would be making the decision between his huge dinner event Oct

Study: Aggressive blood pressure management may save lives

“All we got is a press release.”


Still, area cardiologists said that the preliminary findings seem promising, especially with the backing of the NIH.

Currently, people with high blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors, such as diabetes or kidney disease, are typically urged to shoot for a systolic blood pressure of 130. Wright Jr. Those patients were compared to a second group whose target systolic pressure was 140.

But what the study means for patients struggling with blood pressure is not yet clear.

So in the meantime, does a 25 percent reduction in death mean that 3 people died in the group that got extra medicine, versus 4 deaths in the other group? Or does it mean 30 deaths versus 40? No way to tell, said Jeremy Faust, an emergency physician at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, who was among those on Twitter registering reservations about the study.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 in 3 adults has high blood pressure, a condition that increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, two of the leading causes of death for Americans.

“We have a large armamentarium of available, effective blood-pressure medications” that are generic, Covalesky said.

Study: Aggressive blood pressure management may save lives

Tom Avril, Inquirer Staff WriterPosted:Saturday, September 12, 2015, 3:01 AM

But if the results of the new study hold true, physicians should be treating the condition more aggressively, said Veronica Covalesky, a cardiologist with Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia. Still, it makes sense to wait for the full study before changing anyone’s treatment, said Phillip Koren, medical director of the Cooper Heart Institute in Camden, who was not involved with the research.


“I think it merits further investigation and analysis,” Koren said. of Case Western Reserve University, a study author.

“Without the data, we literally don’t know whether this is huge news or meaningless PR,” Faust said in a telephone interview.

The guideline for seniors is a bit looser, at 150, because physicians do not want to run the risk that their patients lower their blood pressure too much and faint as a result.

Patients who got the more aggressive treatment also were 30 percent less likely to suffer a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack or stroke during the study period, the NIH said.

In a media teleconference Friday, authors said the results were so compelling that they decided to stop the trial a year early. “I would say wait and see.”

Over a period of three years on average, patients were nearly 25 percent less likely to die if they took enough medicine to reduce their systolic blood pressure – the higher of those two numbers you hear at the doctor’s office – to 120. But they acknowledged that the findings were not yet peer-reviewed, and said a full study will be published by the end of the year.

“This answers a major question about how to manage one of the most common diseases that we treat,” said Gadegbeku, Temple’s chief of nephrology, hypertension and kidney transplantation.. That is especially true because most drugs in question are available as low-cost generics, she said.

In the study, the patients aiming for a pressure of 140 were given two medicines on average – typically a diuretic, along with another pressure-lowering drug from one of several classes, including ACE inhibitors and calcium-channel blockers.

Wright and fellow authors did not reveal the actual numbers of deaths and other adverse events in the 9,300 patients, several dozen of whom came from Temple University Hospital and the University of Pennsylvania. Nor did they break down the results by categories, such as those with kidney disease, leading some physicians to label the fanfare as premature.

A new study finds that more aggressive treatment of high blood pressure in certain high-risk patients may extend their lives, the National Institutes of Health said Friday.

“It’s a little premature to get too excited about the finding without being able to study the results,” said Harlan Krumholz, a prominent Yale University cardiologist. Otherwise healthy adults are urged to stay below 140.

Patients in the more aggressive treatment group were given three medicines on average.

Crystal Gadegbeku, who oversaw the portion of the trial at Temple, said she was surprised to learn that the extra medication made such a difference, at least on a percentage basis.

“This study shows that intensive blood-pressure management can prevent the cardiovascular complications of hypertension and save lives,” said Jackson T

Arsenal Football team by Marcia Henin

The club includes top players from different countries, such as Spain, Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

Arsenal keeps an on-going rivalry with Tottenham Hotspur and with several other football teams, with whom they compete. Arsenal’s home colors have been the inspiration for at least three other clubs. Arsenal set a UEFA Champions League record by going ten matches without conceding a goal in the season of 2005-2006.

The team was initially based in Woolwich, but in 1913 moved to Arsenal Stadium, Highbury, and then to their current location, the Emirates stadium, which contains 60,432 people. Arsenal games on-line attracts millions of viewers; Arsenal clips present the moments of victory. Arsenal was founded in 1886 by the group of workers at the Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory. Fans collect pictures of the group and watch videos of Arsenal on-line; this leading football club enjoys publics attention all over the world. In 1891 the Club turned professional and changed its name to Woolwich Arsenal; the club joined the Football League in 1893.

. Arsenal football club colors are red and white, their symbol depicting a canon, as a symbol of Armament factory. They won their first major trophies thirty years later, which included five League Championship titles and two FA Cups. Arsenal often appears in the media, in sports news and on TV.

Arsenal professional football club, also known as The Gunners. Based in North London, this successful English football team is known as one of the leading football clubs in England. The manager of Arsenal is Arsenal Wenger; the club belongs to the company Arsenal Holding

Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta: I am not suffering under Luis Enrique

It means that I have been around for a while and I am still here. I am really happy.. Being a captain is about so much more than just football.”

“I am hoping for an even better season on both levels in 2015-16.”

Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta has insisted that he does not have any problems with Luis Enrique and that he still has a role to play under the coach.

However, the attacking midfielder has insisted that he still has plenty to offer and is happy at Barcelona.

The experienced midfielder was no longer an undisputed starter last term, but he feels he still has a role to play at Barcelona in 2015-16

The Spain international, 31, endured a difficult 2014-15 campaign in which he made just 19 starts in La Liga and some have questioned whether there is still room for him in Luis Enrique’s style of play.

“In the end, you always have to find your place and feel well in a certain formation and I am able to continue doing just that. “I don’t think there is just one way of being a good captain. It is amazing to become the captain for a player who has been at Barcelona for so long.

Iniesta has become one of Barcelona’s more experienced players following the departures of Carles Puyol, Victor Valdes and Xavi in recent years and he is happy to take on any extra responsiblities as the club’s new captain.

“I have gone through all kinds of moments last season, with different emotions, I don’t think it was a bad season for me on a personal level. It is very nice. Is is true that perhaps some things have changed for me, but that is not a negative thing in my opinion.

“It is not true that I am suffering in Luis Enrique’s style of play,” Iniesta told Mundo Deportivo.

“It is very special to represent the team as the first captain. I am more than happy both on an individual and collective level for what we achieved.

“I think it’s nice that I am one of the older players. A captain thinks about the group before his individual interests. I have been fortunate to have played alongside captains such as Puyol and Xavi. That has always been the objective

Arsenal made to pay the price for defensive mistakes as Arsène Wenger fields virtual reserve team against Olympiakos

Mannone, though, suddenly seemed consumed by panic and inexplicably tried to volley the ball to safety from well inside his own area.

The Spanish midfielder then tried to lift his shot over Mannone but actually succeeded only in sending what amounted to a tame back-pass towards the Arsenal goal. Djebbour threatened again moments later, only to collide with Fabianski who was stretchered off with a deep cut on his knee. The goal briefly lifted Arsenal but their defensive deficiencies remained evident as Olympiakos added a deserved third when Modesto followed up after Olof Mellbergs header had bounced off the post.

The finish was far from straightforward but Djebbour easily rounded Fabianski and converted from an acute angle.

A banner had been unveiled across one entire end of the atmospheric Georgios Karaiskakis stadium instructing the Olympiakos players to score, win and let us dream and, within 16 minutes, they obliged.

With Arsenal now fielding four natural centre-backs, the team might have been expected to lack width but Ignasi Miquel then helped them back into game. His curling cross was chested down by Chamakh and Yossi Benayoun struck a powerful volley past Balazs Megyeri.

Emmanuel Frimpong was caught in possession by Giannis Maniatis who played a hopeful through-ball that Mannone headed straight to Fuster. Squillaci and Djourou collectively failed to clear David Fusters through-ball and instead played Rafik Djebbour through on goal. . He missed, and could only look over his shoulder at the agonising sight of the ball dribbling into an empty net.

There was further defensive disruption when Santos was forced off. Vito Mannone, his replacement, was soon picking the ball out of his own goal in embarrassing circumstances

World Cup 2014: The reign of Spain as World Cup champs ends abruptly

Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez, who often delivered the key pass, didn’t play Wednesday.

“I only ask fans for forgiveness, we did everything we could,” said Casillas, who lifted the World Cup trophy four years ago.

Spain’s “tiki-taka” style of play – keeping the ball for long stretches with short passes, and only shooting when you had a clear opening – had not been working as well in recent years. His agonizing first half typified Spain’s problems and his errors led to both goals.

When Casillas punched away Sanchez’s curling free kick, Aranguiz trapped the ball then flicked a rising shot spinning away from the goalkeeper’s reach.

Alonso was booked in the 40th before conceding another foul, on Sanchez, three minutes later 22 yards out.

Spain came to Brazil with a very similar – but older – team to the one that won those titles. All Rights Reserved. France in 2002 and Italy four years ago also failed to advance, or even win a match.

Spain’s famed passing game failed against a high-tempo, tenacious Chile team, its era ending in the storied Maracana Stadium filled mostly with noisy Chilean supporters.

Alonso had Spain’s best early chance, a 15th-minute shot smothered by Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.

Xabi Alonso probably should have joined them.

Spain’s second loss, after a 5-1 rout by the Netherlands, ended any hope of advancing. Chile and the Netherlands will both make it to the knockout stage regardless of who wins the game between them Monday, which will only decide the Group B winner.

Badly needing a win, del Bosque stayed loyal to captain Casillas despite the veteran goalkeeper’s errors against the Dutch.. Charles Aranguiz scored in the 43rd when the ball landed at his feet after Casillas punched out a free kick.

The stars who had made the system go are still on the team, but they’ve clearly lost some speed and their connections haven’t been as sharp. Brazil defeated Spain 3-0 in last summer’s Confederations Cup, a warm-up for the World Cup.

Alonso gave away the ball to Alexis Sanchez to start a move down Chile’s right wing by Arturo Vidal and Aranguiz, leading to Vargas’ score. “We were too slow, timid from the start today. It’s a sad day for all of the players. Alonso trailed behind the play and put his hands to his head.

Costa was slow on Andres Iniesta’s threaded pass in the 49th, and Sergio Busquets was guilty of a glaring miss, volleying wide from five meters in the 53rd.

Perhaps the Euro 2012 final was the footballing high point of the era: A 4-0 dismantling of Italy on a similarly balmy evening in Kiev, Ukraine

Spain won the European Championship in 2008 and 2012, in addition to the 2010 World Cup.

And Alonso’s selection left a younger version of his former self, Atletico Madrid’s Koke, on the bench until the logical change was made at halftime.

But two pillars of Spain’s title runs, Hernandez and Barcelona teammate Gerard Pique were left out, despite 194 combined appearances.

RIO DE JANEIRO Defending champion Spain, the dominant global football power for the past six years, was eliminated from World Cup contention Wednesday with a 2-0 loss to Chile.

“We have no excuses,” said Spain coach Vicente del Bosque. Time to think about the future.”

Spain became the third straight European defending World Cup champion to flop in the group stage. After Bravo pushed away shots by substitute Santi Cazorla and Iniesta, Chile’s win was sealed.

Eduardo Vargas tricked goalkeeper Iker Casillas into diving the wrong way, then shot into an unguarded goal in the 20th minute. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. They added Brazilian-born striker Diego Costa, but he failed to score a goal and was substituted in both matches.

Often wayward in its passing, Spain missed two clear chances early in the second half.

Asked if it marked the end of an era, Casillas said: “We’ll focus on the good things this team did.”

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