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Konyn predicted that in 10 years time, financial services will be dominated by online platforms in China.

They are not going away, though. But you are seeing a concerted effort by regulators in the countries of Asia not to be marginalised.”

Pickerell said the industry is in danger of being regulated out of existence in its current form. At the same time proponents of Ucits, notably the Luxembourg lobby, have been suggesting that Asia, including China, should adopt the Ucits model for the regional passport.

Alipay is a popular online payment platform run by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

“The regulators are looking at passporting and saying, if we don’t do it now, in 10 years time, it may be too late.” The implication being that some markets of the region will be marginalised, including potentially Hong Kong in relation to China.

“The bigger question is whether there will be any lasting benefit to it,” he said.

Mutual recognition is the only Asia fund passporting scheme with a good chance of success, say fund industry executives.

Konyn’s view is that, “I can’t imagine the US allowing Ucits funds to be distributed across the country, so I don’t see why China would invite Ucits funds in.”

Mark Konyn, CEO of Cathay Conning Asset Management, said that while the regulators push for greater portability of funds, it is difficult for any fund management firm to plan for passporting if they don’t know what’s going to materialise.

With digital fund platforms on the rise in Asia, whether passporting schemes succeed or not may become a moot point as disruptive technology makes them increasingly irrelevant.

Whether the schemes go live or not, the question has been raised if their formation will create a level playing field across markets.

“For the larger fund firms,” said Eu, “they can afford to double down on their bet, and set up a local platform.” For many others, it is not a key aspect of their strategic thinking.

Amundi is one of the companies to have set up a plan for a Hong Kong funds platform with mutual recognition in mind. With the ease of dealing online where, from his perspective as an American, it is easier to buy a fund from a Charles Schwab account in the US than it is to walk into your local bank in Hong Kong and buy a fund, the threat is clear.

Douglas Eu, CEO of Allianz Global Investors in Asia, speaking on a panel at the FundForum Asia conference in Hong Kong this week, said the funds industry, from regulators to service providers, had put so much effort into developing the concept of fund passporting that it will definitely happen.

Right now the potential passporting players include Hong Kong-China mutual recognition, the Asean Collective Investment Scheme and the Asia Region Fund Passport.

Regulation has shaped the market in recent years and not always for the best. Mutual recognition is designed to bring investment capability from someplace else to Hong Kong.

¬ Haymarket Media Limited. Ajay Kaul, CEO for Asia-Japan at AllianceBernstein, said: “I don’t believe Ucits is disappearing. In other countries, it is less clear-cut and as Kaul points out, “We have experience of such platforms failing in Asia, notably in Singapore where the concept has not taken off.”

Blair Pickerell, head of Asia for Nikko Asset Management, also wondered if the imbalance of fund flows, for example in Asean, will result in some countries pulling out of the scheme.

There has been a lot of talk in the past year about Asia-domiciled funds threatening the dominance of Ucits as a passportable fund structure in Asia. Eu said: “All the power is with the regulators now. Konyn told AsianInvestor that some of the major Hong Kong fund players are working behind the scenes on passporting, but probably more as a defensive measure than with any great strategic vision in mind.

Digital fund platforms might make all this talk of passporting irrelevant and, naturally, the subject of the Alipay platform was raised. It will still be the dominant fund structure five years from now. And we don’t have a no-load market, where people can invest cheaply. All rights reserved.

Eu added that regulation will limit the speed of development of online platforms: “Again, it comes down to what do the regulators want?”

He added: “We are still in a part of the world where funds are sold and not bought. Kaul said: “Alipay will be disruptive and with 100 million users already signed up, we know there are asset managers talking to them about how they can develop the platform to include a broader range of products.”. In fact we have made it hard for people to buy a fund, with all the know-your-client and anti-money laundering questions you must answer before being able to buy a fund here.”

But it may be that this phenomenon is isolated to China

For Manchester United, Sponsorship Deal Gets Complicated With Premier League Win, Ronaldo and Tevez Talks

The team has a £10 million mobile deal with Airtel in India and Saudi Telecom sponsored a commemorative vintage 1909 shirt.

BNET noted earlier that despite Man Utd’s popularity its debts and expenses have left the club making a loss. If sponsors paid for that exposure in traditional media time, the cost would be multiples of those prices. Normally, such a win would make the club more expensive to sponsor, but the economy has dampened the enthusiasm of corporations to spend money on football teams.

Last Updated May 18, 2009 4:58 PM EDT

© 2009 CBS Interactive Inc.. Tevez waved goodbye to fans and was seen weeping in the stand during Saturday’s game. In a normal economy the club would have gotten such a sum following Saturday’s win. That’s pocket lint in soccer-nomics. The club would seek to replace both players, but replacements would probably cost less and in the meantime the team retains the fearsome talents of Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov and 17-year-old Federico Macheda.

What is surprising here is how low (Man Utd aside) these numbers are. But, as the Financial Times notes, the market for soccer sponsors has softened.. Tevez’s contract costs £32 million; Man Utd could make a profit on his sale. £650,000 a year in new sponsorship deals. Asked on the pitch afterwards if he was staying or going, Tevez replied “It’s difficult.”

Also in the market are Chelsea F.C., who want £11 million a year to replace/retain Samsung; and Liverpool F.C., who need £7 million a year or more to replace/retain Carlsberg.

Further down the table, it is surprising how undervalued a football team sponsorship can be. This would suggest it needs more than the £19 million a year that AIG paid. All Rights Reserved.

Phil Carling, of sports marketing group Octagon, said: “The interesting thing will be to see if this decline in value transfers to the bellwether elite shirts like Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea who are all in the market right now.

Manchester United’s quest to replace AIG as its main sponsor became more complicated on Saturday as the team clinched the English Premier League title on points following a 0-0 draw against Arsenal F.C.

AIG will exit the £56 million deal at the end of 2010. £750,000 a year and Wigan Athletic F.C. The FT reported that gambling firm 1888BET paid Bolton Wanderers F.C. For those sums, sponsors get 90 minutes of free advertising during every game, plus millions of shirt-owning fans walking around with the brand on their chests all year. It is not clear why clubs fail to realize that value.

In the FT:

Man Utd’s costs, however, could decline dramatically if the club loses two of its star strikers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. Those deals are down from £1 million.

Side note: Man Utd has an interesting strategy of signing several smaller sponsors in addition to its main shirt sponsor. The intelligence suggests that proportionately these properties are off their target prices set last year.”

Ronaldo’s price is about â,¬100 million (Real Madrid is allegedly interested in securing his services) and again, Man Utd could make money on a sale

Sports Betting Arbitrage – Win Every Time You Bet

You can even do this from your beach house while sipping on a martini and enjoying the cool sea breeze on your face.

Ray Fearnley

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Sports Betting Arbitrage – Win Every Time You Bet

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This article was posted on March 24, 2006

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So what about the guaranteed returns that you can expect on each investment? Well in general arbitrage opportunities will usually return anywhere between 3% and 15% on your investment (this is just a general guide however – arbitrage opportunities that pay 30%, 70% or even over 100% do exist and you will come by them sometimes – just not very often).

Hopefully you are now starting to understand the potential of arbitrage trading. It’s not even investing strictly speaking because with all of these things it’s possible that you can make a loss – but with sports arbitrage there is no possible chance of you ever losing – you know the exact profit you are going to make before the sporting event even kicks off. It’s not only so simple that a child could understand, but it’s 100% legitimate and tax free (although please remember tax laws vary from country to country and over time.)

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Back to “Recreation And Sports” Index

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As we saw above there are so many opportunities that come up it would be impossible to invest in all of them – the strategy is obviously to cherry pick the highest paying ones every day.

At 2/5 the total amount to invest in Davenport to return $100 was $71.42. Can you see how this is guaranteed and risk free money? Absolutely anyone, if they knew about this could have made 3.58%, totally risk free on an amount of however much money they wanted to invest.

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We’re now getting to the real interesting part

IPL 2011 Cricket Scores & Results: Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab (Live Blog Feed)

It’s no surprise that IPL tickets for this event have been so hot, it’s lead to a recent arrest of several individuals black-marketing them. Today’s hot matchup will feature the Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjabi.

Continue to check the comments field below for the latest score updates from today’s Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjabi match.  This live blog will provide the IPL 2011 cricket scores and results from today’s game as soon as they become official.. Fans are eager to see these teams competing in the Indian Premiere League, and some are looking to cash in on that.

Today’s game will be played in Delhi with some interesting new field conditions.  This game will feature a relevant Earth Day theme as the Delhi team has brought greener grass to its field.  They apparently have more grass on their field then ever before, in a new effort to see if they can help turn their season around.  The bowlers and batsmen will hope this new change aids them in a victory.

In today’s match, Punjab won the initial toss and chose to field.  Currently, Delhi is leading this match 128/0 (10.6/20 ov).  As of the latest check, ESPN CricInfo is reporting that Delhi is pummeling the Punjab team.  Currently, David Warner has 59 runs scored, while Virender Selwag has also added 59 of his own.  It appears the Daredevils are in full swing today!

Today the IPL 2011 cricket scores and results will be of major importance to fans of the Indian Premier League

World News, Foreign Policy and International Affairs

Until now anyway.

dalai lama

BEIJING — We have to tackle the international community’s concerns about China head-on, and explain why the Chinese system has its merits, where the country is headed and why China is not a threat to others.

Five years into Greece’s fiscal emergency, the Troika is justifiably skeptical about this week’s make-or-break negotiations with Athens. Its leaders have heard these commitments before. For the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this has often been a terrified child cowering behind protective parents; for 9/11 it was brave firemen rushing headlong into collapsing buildings. But just as when I read the New York Times or the Washington Post, or the Wall Street Journal knowing that they have ways of selecting and shaping the material that reaches you, you have to compensate for it.”

Charles T. imran khan protests

hillary clinton

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is struggling with a loss of popularity and an inability to pass reforms that are critical to addressing the enormous economic challenges facing Brazil.

HONG KONG — What the world needs is a West that is prepared to learn from the rest of the world as much as it seeks to teach it. If the economic oligarchy becomes a political one, China will become the Russia of yesterday.

Confronted with this pathetic farce, with the rank odors rising from the kitchens of a party that has not changed in any fundamental way, democrats on the left and right have but one imperative: to avoid falling into the trap of a dediabolization campaign that, so far at least, has been all show — and, if possible, to be done once and for all with the morbid fascination that has for so long allowed the National Front to set the pace and rhythm of French political life.

dilma rousseff

Hillary Clinton should make the moral case about power: for taking it out of the hands of those with great wealth and putting it back into the hands of average working people.

The combination of gesturing towards what are usually called “important ethical issues,” while steadfastly putting off serious discussion of them, is pretty typical in our technology debates.

“Right now, if I want to find out what’s going on in Ukraine or Syria or Washington, I read the New York Times, other national newspapers, I look at the Associated Press wires, I read the British press, and so on. For Syriza, this will be its most important test.

Ricardo Sennes

Nonresident Senior Brazil Fellow in the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center.

BERLIN — Great crises often produce enduring images. But as for Ukraine, a country that first achieved statehood only in the 20th century, what can it return to now?

Becoming a grandmother has made me think deeply about the responsibility we all share as stewards of the world we inherit and will one day pass on. I use Google all the time, I’m happy it’s there. Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke mistakenly described the problem as a “global saving glut.” But in a world with such huge infrastructure needs, the problem is not a surplus of savings or a deficiency of good investment opportunities. Rather than make me want to slow down, it has spurred me to speed up.

Zheng Yongnian

Professor and Director of East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore

. It does not need a West at odds with the rest.

NEW YORK — When he was chair of the U.S. The BBC’s exclusive report on China’s super-rich communist Buddhists is the latest proof.

Zhao Qizheng

Dean of the School of Journalism Renmin University, former Vice-Mayor of Shanghai

The rights of minorities might be under threat, but for many residents of the peninsula, life under the new flag is good enough — and international observers still struggle to accept this.

Theodoros Arapis

Assistant Professor of Public Administration, Villanova University

Yes, the world doesn’t need to tell India what to do because of our unique cultural value to the environment and our minimal contribution to historic carbon emissions, but neither can India’s prime minister continue to dwell in rhetoric and falsely lead the public into thinking he is doing enough to protect them.

Chandran Nair

Founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow

Robert Reich

Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy, University of California at Berkeley; author, ‘Beyond Outrage’

SINGAPORE — This is a rare window of opportunity for China. The problem is a financial system that has excelled at enabling market manipulation, speculation, and insider trading, but has failed at its core task: intermediating savings and investment on a global scale. If Xi had not launched the anti-corruption campaign now, it would have been impossible to do so in 10 years time. That is why the AIIB could bring a small but badly needed boost to global aggregate demand.


The World’s 1st Crowdsourced Consultancy

Mark Dawson

Professor of European Law and Governance Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

Last year’s mass anti-government protests against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and led by politician Imran Khan generated much speculation about Pakistan’s next military coup – but of course it didn’t happen.

By now it is an open secret the degree to which respect for the Dalai Lama is growing in China within the leadership and business circles and amongst the ordinary people. Rubin

Visiting Fellow, James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, Princeton University

To suggest that Grass, who had, over his celebrated career, pushed his country to confront its Nazi past, was himself willingly affiliated with the Nazis was simply astonishing. For his part, Grass had denied affiliation, and continued to do so for more than half a century. By then the vested interest groups would have become too powerful. Last month saw what could become one of the lasting images of Europe’s unending crisis: the sight of burning cars and buildings after riots outside the European Central Bank.

MOSCOW — If leaders had “de-Sovietized” the country in the 1990s, it would be clear to what Russia could now return — namely, to its age-old traditions that predated the Soviet era

The Best Casino Poker Rooms in the US

The ones that I list here are the nicest, luckiest, biggest, or just best all around from my travels. Here is a list of my top 5.


of doing a lot of traveling in my day. I will be speaking strictly from my experience, and most of what I have to say will be centered around the poker rooms and their staff. My ventures have carried me from coast to coast and several places in between. Do you enjoy hitting the felt? If you are still reading this, then I’ll take that as a yes. Try them out at your own discretion. One of the things that I love to do when I travel is to play poker. My love for the game has carried me to most of the casinos on the east coast at one time or another, so I believe I would be a good judge on this

Week 16 NFL Weather and NFL Injuries For Fantasy Football Betting Lines


Rams vs. Packers

Chiefs vs. His playing time will be limited.

Bills vs. Falcons

For more information: All the top sports service picks for week 16 are up as well as free picks on the Network.

Almost the same as Cincinnati weather, itâEUR(TM)s an 81 percent percent chance of rain or snow at kickoff with temps around 35 degrees.

Raiders vs. There is a 100 percent chance of rain at kickoff though it may die down in the third quarter.

Drew Stanton starts at QB for Detroit.

The Rams have 13 players out for the year including starting QB Marc Bulger.

Forget the Urban Meyer press conference. Giants

ItâEUR(TM)s the week 16 NFL injuries report for fantasy football and football handicappers NFL predictions. Reports have Bill Cowher as the next coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which could prove to be a distraction.

There is a 52 percent chance of snow at kickoff with tempertures 21 at kickoff rising as high as 27 in the fourth quarter.  

Buccaneers vs. LetâEUR(TM)s break down todayâEUR(TM)s betting notes.

Jaguars vs. Patriots

DT Sedrick Ellis and SS Darren Sharper are probable for New Orleans. Redskins

Seahawks vs. Saints

Carolina RB Jonathan Stewart is out. Cardinals

Lions vs. Bengals

Despite his meltdown, DE Albert Haynesworth is expected to start for the Redskins.

Panthers vs. Eagles

New England TE Ty Warren is probable. Ryan Fitzpatrick will warm up before the game before a final decision is made.

Indianapolis will play their starters âEURoeas long as they need to get the winâEUR says Stevie Vincent, Senior Handicapper at  However WRs Pierre Garcon and Anthonly Gonzalez are out. 

The Eagles will get back running back Brian Westbrook. For Tampa, WR Antonio Bryant, WR Michael Clayton, C Jeff Faine, and RB Derrick Ward are all probable.

Cowboys vs. Browns

There is a 79 percent percent chance of rain or snow at kickoff, though tempertures are expected to be a few degrees above freezing.

Broncos vs. 49ers

Buffalo is expected to start third-stringer Brian Brohm at QB. DT Vince Wilfork is a game time decision.

Jets vs. They are already without starting QB Jake Delhomme.

The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough

Speaking to him will bring the quest to an end – but your mission in Fort Virak isn’t done yet. A sorcerer of some power has taken control of the Pact fort, and he’s accomplished the impossible: taking a powerful fortification with a small number of troops. You’ll find her in the Fort Virak Ruin at the base of Fort Virak, on the opposite side of the palisade behind Garyn’s tent.

- Speak to the NPC Gugnar inside the front door, then grab the Candle at the rear of the room. You’ll have to kill Covenant soldiers and check their bodies to do this.

- Still in the ruins after the previous quest, make your way into Fort Virak proper. Even more bewildering, he seems to be fielding fresh troops every day. What ever became of General Serien…?

Level: 10

In some places the Pact and the Covenant are fighting for domination; at Fort Virak, the Covenant has seemingly already won. Look around for a large tower on the grounds, the tallest structure in the area. You can use it to go through the crack in the wall as a ball of light.

Reward: 32 gold. You need to navigate a series of crumbling corridors, full of ghosts, as the harmless ball of light. Pop inside.

- Return to Garyn. I found that they were more likely to drop from enemies further away from Fort Virak itself than right near the walls.

To Fort Virak

- Pop inside. You’ll likely have to run through a dozen or so enemy soldiers to get the items. Speak to Walks-in-Ash to complete the quest and trigger a new one.

- The next section is somewhat tricky. Once it’s done Holgunn will automatically give you this quest and send you off to Fort Virak. Walks-in-Ash is near a door at the top of the first set of stairs. She’ll fill you in on the plan and give you a Transformation Potion. He’ll give you the skinny on the situation and ask you to speak with Walks-in-Ash, another returning face from past campaigns. Use it on the bookshelf near the door. This is where you need to go. That done, leave the tower.

Evening the Odds

Reward: 182 gold

Location: Fort Virak

- To trigger this quest you must first complete The Coral Heart. You’ll find it far to the northwest in Stonefalls, near the border.

Location: Fort Virak

NPC: Garyn Indoril

- Hit the lever in the next hallway to let Walks-in-Ash and the troops through. You’ll have plenty of fighting to do along the way.

Level: 12

Reward: 146 gold

Location: Fort Virak

Breaking the Fort

- After unbarring the gates you’ll have to hunt down Genral Serien, the current commander of the Fort. You can’t fight the ghosts, and if they hit you you’ll be zapped back to Walks-in-Ash and have to start over. He’ll ask you for some assistance looking for evidence of how the Covenant is managing to hold Fort Virak.

- Cross the courtyard to the next waypoint, that of Tanval Indoril. Now on the walls, you have to unbar the gates. Pop through here and you’ll find the exit a little ways away.

- It sounds like you need to only kill three soldiers to collect the required Rotting Heart, Putrid Eye and Discolored Limb for the quest, but it’s not so simple. Skim around the ghosts as best you can and hunt down the next crack in the wall. You’ll find the proper path by following the initial path forward to your second left. Speak to him to complete the quest, and to start a new one: Breaking the Fort.

NPC: Walks-in-Ash

- You’ll find your old buddy Garyn up the hill to the south, in the allied encampment. How in the…?

NPC: Holgunn

Level: 12

- Your NPC of choice, Sergeant Gjorring, is a little ways south of the Fort Virak waypoint on the map. Drop down onto the grounds of Fort Virak and hunt the two ends of the courtyard for gates to open

U.S. Treasury warns casinos on illegal sports betting

However, illegal sports betting operations around the world, including online outfits, sometimes offset bets they receive by placing casino wagers, law enforcement sources told Thomson Reuters.

(Reuters) – U.S. The letter was dated Dec. casino industry. The AGA, citing the Thomson Reuters article, had asked FinCEN about its plans to issue guidance.

Runners have been known to loiter at casinos, keeping numerous mobile phones and tablets near them to receive orders from illegal gambling rings.

“In these cases, the intermediaries rarely voluntarily disclose to the casino that a transaction is being conducted on behalf of a third party, thereby disguising the third party’s role in the transaction and obscuring the source of funds used to place the bet. National Football League’s Super Bowl on Feb. 1 yields one of the busiest sports book weekends of the year.

The letter with guidance for casinos from Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) came in response to a Dec. The letter also reminds casinos that they must take a risk-based approach to compliance, focusing on gaming that presents the greatest money laundering threat.. 24.

The global International Center for Sport Security reported last year that 80 percent of global sport betting is illegally transacted, and therefore invisible to authorities. It said $140 billion is laundered annually through sport betting.

The FinCEN letter was addressed to the president of the American Gaming Association (AGA), the trade group for the U.S. states including Nevada, home of Las Vegas. 22 Thomson Reuters article, which said the department was likely to press casinos to take a greater role in fighting illegal sport book activity.

Regulators and law enforcement authorities are concerned by intelligence suggesting that criminals are making bets with legal sports book operations, using intermediaries, or “runners,” to place bets, the Treasury bureau said.

“Increases in sports betting conducted on behalf of third parties are facilitating criminal activity and posing a money laundering risk to the U.S financial system,” the Treasury said in a letter made public on Friday. The report urged governments to correct what it called a vulnerability of sport betting to organized crime.

The letter reminds casinos that the Bank Secrecy Act requires them to ask gamblers whether their bets are for themselves, and to report any wagers for third parties as suspicious activity. This poses distinct money laundering risks for casinos,” FinCEN said in the letter.

Sports gambling is legal in only four U.S. casinos must take steps to combat illegal sports gambling, the Treasury Department has told an industry group in a letter that came just weeks before the Super Bowl, one of the biggest betting events of the year.

Freeman said the risk of money laundering “is far greater in the vast, unregulated, illegal sports betting market than in the highly regulated, legal gaming industry.

FinCEN noted that prior to the news of its planned guidance, it had been “planning on communicating to the casino industry directly with respect to a particular concern in this regard.”

“While casinos routinely look for suspicious bets at sports books and have worked with law enforcement to identify illegal activity, in some cases leading to criminal convictions, no such oversight exists for the illegal sports betting market,” he said

In a statement responding to FinCEN’s letter on Friday, AGA President and Chief Executive Officer Geoff Freemansaid the group “welcomes continued guidance from FinCEN.” He added that “members are committed to robust anti-money laundering measures” and that they “invest significant resources to tailor risk-based compliance programs for every corner of the casino, including sports books.”

The U.S

‘Kingsman’ Vixen Sofia Boutella Taking a Major Role in ‘Star Trek 3′

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‘Kingsman’ Vixen Sofia Boutella Taking a Major Role in ‘Star Trek 3′ |

‘Kingsman’ Vixen Sofia Boutella Taking a Major Role in ‘Star Trek 3′

by Ethan Anderton

April 10, 2015

Source: Deadline. She could make a great addition to the Enterprise, or she could be a killer secondary villain. Deadline reports Sofia Boutella, the literally sharp assassin from this year’s fun spy action adventure Kingsman: The Secret Service, is taking a lead role in Star Trek 3, scripted by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, directed by Justin Lin and set to arrive July 8th, 2016. But much like everything else about the film, details on her character are being kept under wraps. Discover more on ZergNet:

ZergNetOfficialJabDon’t know who she is, but is it mean to say that she kinda looks like she’d make a good alien?DAVIDPDOHHHH!!~ We are finally getting Klingons!

Sofia Boutella

Briefly: While we still don’t know if Idris Elba will be taking the villain role in Star Trek 3, the sci-fi sequel has just gained another cool cast member instead